Surprising facts about Michael Jackson’s life

Michael Jackson was a musical artist who was no stranger to controversy as much as to applause. From The Jackson 5 to «Thriller,» Michael Jackson began on the scene as a skinny, naive 11-year-old who eventually captured the hearts of everyone.

With all his incredible record-breaking hits, coupled with his remarkable talent, the music industry was completely disrupted after his «moonwalking» on stage.

1. Michael Jackson was born on a street called ‘Jackson Street’.

It is hard to believe that the proclaimed «King of Pop» was not born on a different planet that generates icons, but was raised from his humble beginnings on planet Earth. Before «Michael Jackson» became a household name, it was Michael Joseph Jackson, and he was born in Gary, Indiana, on August 29, 1958.

It seems as if life has a very weak sense of humor, as he actually grew up on Jackson Street. It seemed that he was destined to become a musical figure, as his mother, Katherine Esther Jackson, played clarinet and piano, and his father, Joe Jackson, played guitar with a local rhythm and blues band.

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